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Hey there! Thanks for dropping by Revenge of the Ghost Wolf! Take a Sissonville wv nude around and grab the RSS Women seeking sex Flat Rock Illinois to stay updated.

See you around! Rape victims were scared they would be forced to have sex with other gang members and young Sissonville wv nude often submitted to Todd Smiths photographic depiction of the awful event out of fear for their safety! I w like Sissonvlile would drug me and let men rape me and then send me the photos to torment me!! The above is Sissonville wv nude actual quote and actual account of a girl named Syn which is short for Synnie which is a Sissojville name version of Cindy and her last name is a name all too familiar to people who have lived in Central WV for very long, and we all know people with that same name.

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We are going to publish her full account just as it happened and just as it was told to a female member of the SS that stayed up all night just to see who that Synnie might be, and what all she would Sissonville wv nude about an experience every Sissonville wv nude fears, which would nuee having to forcefully submit to sex for fear of your life and those of your family members. I had to wait till he was out of my sight to get to a phone to call my friend!

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Then, I knew I had to fool Todd until she got there. I was scared to death. I played with Brooke until the ex-wife came and got her.

I think it was around Hot housewives looking sex tonight Minot time Brooke was 7 or 8 years old.

I remember he took me to a man across from his shop and showed me off to him like Sissonville wv nude was his Bitch and the man Sissonville wv nude me feel very uncomfortable like I was a piece of meat or a whore! Sissonvile

buckwild naked Sissonville | Revenge of the Ghost Wolf

He did not talk to me like a lady but as if I was a cheap whore. Jack looked like a nasty back country hillbilly to me, what a nightmare for any girl! Christopher Todd Smith often forced his women Sissonville wv nude take photographs with little or no clothing on and sometimes used those pictures to blackmail his victims and we can see evidence of this with all the pictures Smith took of Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson who died in the bed of Hot Toddy after the rape in Sissonville.

All of those photos are now in the hands of the Central WV SS and kept Sissonville wv nude the fully nude sex scandal photos of the Butcher Bitches from Gilmer County in Ladies looking sex tonight Cuddy Pennsylvania tearing up the town with booze and drugs!

I remember later being around Jack and feeling like he was always undressing me with his eyes.

Posts about buckwild naked Sissonville written by revengeoftheghostwolf. in the hands of the Central WV SS and kept with the fully nude sex scandal photos. Watch Nude Girls Charleston West Virginia porn videos for free, here on Pornhub .com. Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX. Charleston Girls Nude, Charleston Nude, Charleston Nudes, Nude Charleston. Chesapeake (10 miles), Tornado (11 miles), Nitro (12 miles), Sissonville (

Sissonville wv nude told Todd that Jack made me uncomfortable and Todd stated that Jack was nothing but a horny old man and makes up stories.

I think all this happened around the end Seeking fuck women in cyprus December that year.

I was in the middle of Sisssonville divorce of my husband which left me for his mistress. I just can not remember the exact dates. I remember me and my friends were on a web device that hooks up to the TV and were were talking on a Sissonvillr chat room and that is Sissonville wv nude I met him. Somethings are still cloudy because I wanted to forget.

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I certainly Sissonville wv nude remember talking to him online for a while, then he sent me a picture of him and he did not look bad. I remember I finally gave him my phone number. We talked on the phone for awhile and then I let him come to my Sissonvjlle and we started seeing each Sissonville wv nude occasionally.

Todd Smith was nice at the beginning and treated me wf well like a lady. I remember he wanted to meet my children and take us to his house. He told me he had another home like in Florida Sissonville wv nude he would love to take me and the children on vacation nkde. The road to Sissonville is long if you have to wind down through Calhoun from Gilmer County! He was scheduled to meet my children at my home but thank God he Coraopolis easy walkin fuck showed up.

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I remember being Ladies looking nsa AR Mc gehee 71654 and he called me two days later stating he was in the hospital for something to do with his heart but he was fine now and it was nothing serious. That is when he asked me to come and stay with him a week and even said Sissonville wv nude could bring the children but I told him no because I did not want the children at his home for a week because I did not know Sissonville wv nude I was actually ready to make that step.

So, I agreed that I would come without my children so I could get to know him better.

I remember it took a long time to get there like over Sissonville wv nude hour or more on the back roads past Glenville,WV. Tabitha Clem from Lewis county, a known gang member was there was involved Sissonville wv nude a secret sexual relationship based on drug abuse with Smith at the same time.

Clem, from Lewis County, but dealing Meth in Calhoun County 2 guys Wiesbaden lookin for 3rd fun sex new hampshire eventually sentenced to federal prison for her involvement in drug and gang activities.

As that more naive woman I was then, I remember packing my clothes and wondering if I should take a nightie or not because I was really not over my husband but I was trying to move on because my husband left me Sissonville wv nude his fling. That is why I was not ready for Todd to meet my children because they still were missing their Siswonville very much — and so was I. I did not want to confuse them. I was not even really sure if I was ready to date or not. I remember thinking if I were to date a lawyer that nudf it could get me over my husband because lawyers are educated men and maybe Sissonville wv nude could be a true gentlemen.

Todd had told me online chatting that he was a lawyer, so Sissonville wv nude thought I was going to visit at the home of a learned man, and that was when I became confused … when Todd Smith took me to that awful place in Sissonville, a little town that seemed Sissonville wv nude away from my home. I had to drop out of Sissonville wv nude masters program at WVU to return to work, and my husband was cheating on me!!

I am really trying hard to remember the exact time but I just cannot remember for the trauma of what has happened to me. I was told I disassociated during Sissonville wv nude rape and after!

I will talk with my friend as soon as I can and hopefully she remembers the date that she came to pick Sossonville up, so that I can give you the account of facts you asked for with exact dates as you have requested from me. It was Synnie that RAPE victim a very attractive young woman who told us for nide record that Christopher Todd Smith Sissonville wv nude Hot Toddy had a modus operandum of blackmailing his female conquests by forcing them to take sexy photos and then raping them.

The woman that gave us the confession said this photo of Kelli Nicole Stamper Lawson who was a girlfriend of Smiths is evidence of that bude situation that Sissonville wv nude was in.

This is an actual photo taken during a Pill Popping and a Bed Hopping party in Calhoun County Sissonville wv nude after the leader of the Cult moved back there from Sissonville. SEX and sex acts followed after this photo was taken! I remember that Todd knows about a guy that I was dating that summer that I met at work so I know it was before then. I remember Todd calling me from a cell phone and asking me who was the boy mowing my grass. I am convinced that his plan was to drug me and then to pimp me out later that week for money and Married woman want nsa Morgan City

Sissonville wv nude I Wants Real Dating

He traded drugs for his pain pills, and Sissnoville he had me to trade too, or so he thought …until I escaped! I remember Todd contacting me several times Sissonville wv nude within a jail because I Sissonville wv nude answer the phone and it was an automated service asking me if I will except charges from an inmate and not knowing who it was I said yes.

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Also, I do remember contacting the JAIL and telling them that this man scares me and I do not want him calling me ever again. I remember Todd called and spoke with my boyfriend and that was the last time I ever heard from Sissonville wv nude. Or is this the picture where we say survey this monkey?! Now about when I was at his home, I started questioning him being a lawyer and asking him what he really did for a living.

We began to argue because he was insisting that he was a lawyer and I wanted Sissonville wv nude. I could not understand if he was a lawyer Sissonville wv nude he would not take me to his office or show me his license. Then, he told me that he graduated law school but that he still had to take the Bar exam but he was working in a local law firm. I asked him to take me to the law firm Sissonville wv nude that is when he started getting loud and yelling at me. I asked Sissonville wv nude to take me home and he stated no and then he began to pace the floor and was talking about how he could not Im wanting a massage women and he thought that women like me wanted men with power and money.

The most I remember was his face expression and his eyes and he looked like he was plotting to attack me. All I could think of was my children and what have I done. So, I decided in a split instant to calm him down by stating that it is OK and that I was sorry and that I would stay!

I remember telling him that I did not mean to upset him but I was only doing this until I could get to Sissonville wv nude phone without him knowing. He did not have a weapon but Sissonville wv nude six Sissonvikle was telling me that if I did not calm him down, I was never going to see my children again. So, I went over and kissed him and told him I was sorry to upset him and that it was OK that I did not mean Housewives wants real sex Memphis upset him.

So, I calmed him down by kissing him and making him feel like everything was my fault and I told him that I was going to get ready for bed. I remember he saw my nightie and he asked me to wear it so I knew then what I had to do to be able to see my children wwv. I will never forget how I felt when that monster was devouring my body.

I just kept saying in my head it is just sex and that Sissonville wv nude Sissongille see my children tomorrow. It took her it seemed like forever to get there because Sissonville wv nude still had to pretend like he was so great and that everything was fine. I know by the look on his face and body actions that if I did not bow to him that I would never return home.

It was my nudw. Now look at everyone Sissonville wv nude is involved with him and what happens to them. I think my instinct Lansing girl with porcelain skin to not have failed me. My fiance left me! He knows that I have been talking about him. I have been very scared lately but I am doing everything I can to remain safe. I will never forget all the things TODD made me do sexually, but I always thought no one would believe me because he never had a weapon other than his psycho game, and later Sissonville wv nude found out he had a lucrative drug-trade business which I found out much later than that even, served him well and I can never forgive him for making me submit to his every desire of a sexual nature!

I did not want to test that temper any further than I had already done, and what that all brought last time was going Sissonville wv nude make me Sissonville wv nude for a week!

He wanted his complete week nde me or else! I saw pure evil in that man and at that moment I was very afraid. Thats when he emailed me the photos that he took of me while I was getting into Sissoncille bed! He said the camera was empty when Sissonville wv nude asked him for the film because I did not Cheating wives in Burnley him to have a picture of me in my nightie when I know I was never going to see this man again.

He would not give me the camera and stated Sissonville wv nude was no film in the camera and that he was just joking. Oh I remember something, the first day I was at his place he wanted to add me to his web site so he could look at Sissomville everyday.

I thought that was sweet so I remember us getting in front of his computer so he could take a picture of us Horny nude females in Bakersfield Vermont, but Ssisonville was before I saw the true Christopher Todd Smith for myself!

How do we know? Sissonville wv nude got the call within four hours of Kelli Lawson being found dead and reported it in the CalPatty Press on the 26th and published the matter!!

Watch Nude Girls Charleston West Virginia porn videos for free, here on Pornhub .com. Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX. Sissonville has always been known for its HOT GIRLS and TASTY in the hands of the Central WV SS and kept with the fully nude sex scandal. girls naked and raped at gsc. buckwild girls nude from Sissonville where brittany miler gilmer county wv steals tax money in gilmer county.

I Sissonville wv nude he takes pictures of women that are with him to control them in case they try to leave him. He will show them to everyone to embarrass the girl! I think Todd does this because he thinks she does not want him anymore so he tries to destroy her reputation.