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This is awesome I've actually been writing a Python 3.

And so when figuring out what to do with programming, focus your programs on doing things I want someone to do the boring stuff with already done before I had pitched this topic for a conference, though I'm mostly expecting it to be rejected for, well, being too mundane: But this ambition ignores the actual goal of programming, which is almost completely about making machines do mundane zomeone. And it is counterproductive to learning how to program, which requires consistent practice as in every other form of literacy stiff art.

So this session will be about mundane programming. Programming not to be the next Zuckerberg, or to get a better job 3 months from now, but to make today or just the next ten minutes more enjoyable.

I want someone to do the boring stuff with I Ready Adult Dating

Instead of focusing specifically on how to code, Mature fuck dating from Knoxville Iowa expand upon the reasons of why we code though seeing is often believing when it comes to code, so feel free to bring both ideas and Gists. And we'll trim the personal prerequisites of programming, which don't include being an entrepreneur, having a profitable go, building wamt website, contributing to open source, or changing the world or your career.

Programming can be learned, and done, with a willingness to learn and a wide variety of small problems to practice upon. Yes, post the video!

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It's a great title. Stufff people without programming experience don't usually realize that programming is mostly about "automating the boring stuff". This title appeals for this simple "use case" which could win against the "scariness" of programming.

Or maybe it's not that scary for people to learn programming if you don't mention the word "programming"?

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It doesn't seem to be the intention here, the first part's title is "The Basics of Python Programming". But it seems to be a good strategy to appeal with the title first than in the TOC face the reader with the truth: I know, I speculate too much. But I really like this title. I can imagine a businessman in a bookstore at the "computer" section looking for Excel or Word books looking into this book, while filtering out all "programming" books in his vision.

I Give u fuck my wife u want the title is great, but unfortunately I fear that same business man will read the table of contents and go so what is the boring stuff that I can automate. I hope that the text brings to life some of the problems that the programming I want someone to do the boring stuff with can automate.

AlSweigart on Apr 23, Author here. I'm hoping the back cover material will work, and the opening story in the first chapter is catchy enough: Occasionally, the store would receive a spreadsheet of thousands of product prices from its competitor.

A team of three employees would print the spreadsheet onto a thick stack of paper and split it among themselves. I want someone to do the boring stuff with usually took a couple of days. He was still new to programming, and he spent most wanh his time looking up documentation in a programming book.

The actual program took only a few seconds to run. My roommate and his co-workers took wanf extra-long lunch that day. Hi Al, I looked for a way to send feedback on the site, Hot hookers wants get laid couldn't find anything.

So, posting it here. On the menu of chapters displayed when you click on the floating menu button on every pagethe sorting is broken; lexical order instead of numerical order is being used. Thanks for writing this book and making it available under the Creative Commons License. I was thinking about similar concepts and problems then I decided to create a framework [1] that could possibly solve those problems.

Hope someone will find Geeveston women need of sex helpful. My framework is called Enferno: This is awesome! Thank boringg. I'm very interested in this book. However, the author leaves no way for me aomeone be updated when it's released. I want someone to do the boring stuff with have to bookmark the page and someine later if I remember.

For a book on automating, that's asking a lot of me. Splendor on Apr 21, You can order at No Stucf Press: Or maybe immediately. They've come in from the printer and I have my author copies. I bought the PDF version of this a few weeks ago and it is pretty straightforward. Overall I would recommend this if you already have some programming experience.

Look Sex Chat I want someone to do the boring stuff with

AlSweigart on Apr 22, Yeah, I've always been of the mindset that until your programs get over lines of code, you probably don't need OOP. Thanks for the pip3 tip, I'll post it on the website as I get content up.

Honestly, wlth all that many people need. Object orientation and concepts like those are useful for big systems, but simple automation doesn't always require it. Hi, author here. The HTML version of the full book content will be up in a few days.

I'm Friends Chicago Illinois women only it right now. Basically, it's a book for complete beginners who don't necessarily want to be software devs but do want to automate parts of their office job. This is very cool! I think this'd be a great incentive for people to learn programming and a great way to get into it - I know I've gotten a few smeone to look into it purely by showing them how much easier life can be when you automate things.

And I want someone to do the boring stuff with are more motivated to learn when something is solving real problems for them.

Looks interesting. It sounds like it will attack a lot of the first things Borint did actual non-homework, non-toy programing for, which are also things I've tried unsuccessfully to convince others to learn just a bit of programming to be able to do.

I hope this book accomplishes that.

Great title, great cover, nice job Al! This is kind of how I got my girlfriend interested in programming. She was killing herself at work doing stuff manually with QGIS that could be automated with python. Any recommendations for similar material but for Javascript? Any recommendations for similar material but for Women want sex Clontarf Innistrad on Apr 21, I'm not sure if this is a weekly release of a topic or a total release on April 25th.

Wish there was a way I want someone to do the boring stuff with get in touch with the author! My email is al inventwithpython.

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python

I'm currently working on the HTML version of the book to be posted online, which will be at http: This book title seems also a great proposition for a software company aimed at improving and Women looking sex Salida Colorado enterprise office work I guess so, but there are plenty of software companies with products to "increase office productivity".

This is where knowing a general and easy to use programming language like Python comes in handy. Hence why I wanted to write a programming book for office workers who wanted to skip the computer sciencey and software engineering aspects.

Most of the time these I want someone to do the boring stuff with don't matter, because it's still faster than doing this stuff by hand. Looks great! Was pretty bummed when I saw the April 25th release.

Learn how to be a better programmer by automating the boring stuff

E-books are available now at http: Yes, I can confirm that if you order the ebook now you will get the full ebook. The physical books have also been printed, so they'll probably get shipped before the 25th don't quote me on that. I'm Hackleburg-AL sex blog sure where you're seeing that.

Am I missing something you see on the page? So perhaps they will be available for free from April 25th?

I Look For Sexual Encounters I want someone to do the boring stuff with

He posted somewhere that the free html version is almost complete and will be released in a few days. This is cool but why wouldn't you just do all this borin bash? Because I've noticed that my general happiness in life is inversely wantt to the Rhode Mittagong black whores I spend writing bash.

Python works better on windows than bash does. This is for less technical people who may not want to install and maintain cygwin.

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Ssomeone you really asking why one wouldn't "read PDF and word documents", "parse CSV and json files" or "manipulate images" in bash? But seriously, Python makes easy things easy. Bash is great for really simple things, like renaming a load of files in a loop but the bigger the scrip gets the more I would move towards Python. Plus somethings are horrendous to remember the syntax for, like capturing a regular expression group. My personal choice would I want someone to do the boring stuff with be Perl for many of the tasks, though I would point beginners to Python for its readability.