What Not To Eat To Lose Weight Fast Naturally

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In order to lose weight fast and effectively, knowing what to eat is not enough. You will also need to know which food you need to avoid too. In fact, knowing foods not to eat is as important as knowing which to eat. In this post, I will show you things that can harm your weight loss effort and where they can be found in your pantry.

Foods that contain trans-fat

trans fat in potato

Fried Potato Contains Trans Fat

Trans-fat is very harmful to your body, not only prevents you from losing weight. Consume trans-fat increases the ability of having heart disease. When you take trans-fat into your body, it will not be used as energy but instead, will be stored as fat cells in your belly (one of the hardest fat to get rid of). You can find trans-fat in fried foods, processed foods, fast foods and foods which contain hydrogenated oil.

Foods that contain saturated fats

saturated fat

Source Of Saturated Fat

Saturated fats are other bad fats you need to avoid. Just like trans-fat, saturated fats will not be used as energy like carbs but instead, stored as fat cells in your body. Saturated fats can be found in many foods. Most of the sources come from animal including meat and dairy products. For example: beef fat, butter, cheese and dairy products that made from whole-milk. Pork and poultry with skin are also good source of saturated fats.

Refined sugar

refined sugar

Refined Sugar

Refined sugar contains a lot of calories and it can easily transform into energy once enter your body. It’s quite easy for the body to not use all the energy that refine sugar brings so the excessive energy will be stored in your body in the form of reserved energy (which is fat). Eating foods that contain refined sugar, therefore, not recommended. Refined sugar is available in many foods, mostly candies, coke and other sweetened things you can find in store (read the label for the ingredients).



Eat Rice With Moderation

First of all, rice is not a harmful food but you will need to eat rice with moderation in order to lose weight easily. Rice is the main food in many Asian countries. However, eating a lot of rice is not good if you want to lose weight. The main ingredient of rice is starch, which can easily transform into energy without much effort. As in the situation of sugar, excessive energy will be stored as fat. It’s not necessary to avoid eating rice but you will need to keep an eye on the amount you eat. Consider taking more vegetables or nuts to avoid hunger.

Now you know the list of foods you should not eat in order to lose weight. Be a wise buyer to avoid such foods then you will see losing weight is not a hard task.

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