Lose Weight Without Dieting – Is It Possible?

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All of us want to lose weight and lose it fast but not many of us want to follow a diet. In many people’s minds, diet is an uncomfortable experience. People usually think about diet with feelings like starving, tasteless. If you have the same way of thinking, you definitely don’t want to diet, neither do I. However, diet to lose weight is completely different from what you might think or have experienced.
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Let me first make it clear the term diet. Diet to lose weight as well as get six pack abs is actually eating in the healthy way. You do have some restrictions such as stay away from foods that contain bad fats, refined sugar, alcohol, stimulants… However, you can eat almost foods that people usually eat. You want to eat meat? No problem. You want fish, it’s very good too. As you can see, real diet is not very strict. In fact, I find that I prefer dieting to the way I did before.

lose weight without dieting

Tired Of Dieting?

So, if you think diet means starving, stop eating, consume foods, drinks that you don’t like so the answer would be yes. You can lose weight without dieting. A healthy diet will contains all the foods and nutrition you need to function well as well as boost the metabolism to burn fat even faster.

In the other way, if you think without dieting means you can eat whatever you want, even bad foods, junk foods… you will find it really hard to lose weight. There is nothing gain without paying effort. If you cannot resist foods like fried chicken, fried potatoes or canned food, candies.. believe me, it’s almost impossible for you to lose a single pound in one month or even longer. In fact, eating without proper diet plan will make you fatter and fatter.

Now you have your answer. It’s possible to eat tasty foods, great meals and lose weight. However, you will need to watch closely what you eat. Try to stay away from bad foods (You can find a nice list of foods to avoid when trying to lose weight here) and eat more good foods like fish (especially sea fish), nuts, vegetables, poultry… You will find it really easy and effortless to lose weight. After all, you will lose weight without following strict diet plan as you may think or have been through.

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