How To Lose Weight On Your Stomach

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Having a big belly is never a desire of anyone. Fat belly makes us look less attractive. If you have been looking for a fast way to lose weight on your stomach, you might be happy to read this post. In next few minutes, I’m going to show you how you can get rid of belly fat with simple, yet effective methods that you may not know.

how to lose weight on your stomach

How To Lose Weight On Your Stomach

There is one thing you need to know first before reading further. That’s stomach fat is a part of your total body fat. That means if you want to lose weight on your stomach, you will need to lose weight on the total body. I see a lot of people make the simple mistake by exercising on the belly area only. Exercising is good but do only stomach exercise will not bring you the result you want. If you keep focusing on belly exercises like hanging legs raise or abs crunches, you will end up having a firm abs but the belly fat is still there.
As I said above, you cannot isolate losing belly fat from losing total body fat. So, the best things you should do now are:

Draw a plan

Before beginning exercising or dieting, you will need plan first. A plan is like a map that shows you where you are and where you want to reach. Without a plan, you will not know what exactly you are looking for. You cannot say: “I want to lose belly fat”. Let’s make the goal a little more specific like: “I will reduce my belly diameter by 2 centimeter in next 2 weeks”. Having a specific plan will help you keep track of the progress and avoid dropping at the middle.


Without exercising, it could be hard to lose any weight. You may say that we do burn fat while working. Yes, that’s true but the amount you burn in such activities is not big and you cannot get a firm belly fast. Many people feel uneasy when talking about exercising but in fact, it’s very simple and easy. What you need to do is to spend around 30 minutes a day to do simple exercises like jogging, walking… The more time you spend for exercising, the faster the flat belly will appear. However, don’t overload yourself with lots of exercises in the first days as doing so might discourage you.


Exercising helps you burn fat and if you don’t diet in the right way, you will build more fat than the amount you burn. Many people wonder why they exercise so hard but they don’t drop any weight. The reason lies in what you eat. Eating the wrong foods can destroy all your efforts. So, it’s good to have a diet plan that helps you burn fat rather than build fat.
There are a lot of diet guides to lose weight but basically, you will need to:
- Stay away from foods that contains saturated fat, trans-fat (fried foods, fast food, animal grease)
- Drink a lot of water
- Eat more natural foods like whole grain, vegetables…
- Stop drinking alcohol
- Reduce the amount of refined sugar

If you following thing I’ve showed, there is no surprise you will lose weight on your stomach very fast. I’m not saying you will see the result in just few days but in few weeks, it’s possible.

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Teandra July 23, 2011 at 5:45 am

Hi I was reading the tips you was giving us readers on belly fat my thing with weight period is it is very hard I love sodas,chips,candy but really SODA thats my down fall and i love to eat especially if im upset. i have like alot of harden tissues in my belly that seems like its not trynna go away in high school i lost 20 pounds with in 2 weeks because all i drunk was water or deluted my juice with water and of course i was on activities like cheerleading and basketball so that was my exercise its just really hard for me right now and i have 2 babies ugh im weighing 300 pounds and my goal is 160 how can i do this so stressful!!!


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