How To Lose Weight And Gain Muscles

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In order to get six pack abs, you will not only need to lose weight. In addition, you will need to know how to gain the muscles. Many people have successfully lose weight and get a very nice shape but they haven’t got mass muscles. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to do. In this post, I will show you how to lose weight and gain muscles in the same time.
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Know what to eat

Coincidentally, foods for burning fat can help you build mass muscles. I’m not talking about vegetables here. In order to build muscles, you will need to add a lot of protein (as the main ingredient of muscle is protein). With that said, red meat is the thing you need to eat. However, don’t eat a lot of red meat yet. The amount of saturated fat in red meat is quite considerable so you will not want to gain weight. Eat red meat with moderation is the good weight to burn fat and build muscle.

build mass muscle

How To Gain Mass Muscle

Another good source of protein you can find right in your pantry is whole egg. People usually overly concern about cholesterol in eggs but you shouldn’t. There are good and bad cholesterols and fortunately, egg’s cholesterol is good.

If you want to build muscle mass without eating red meat, you still have a lot of choice. One of the good recommendations is wild salmon. Not only contains a lot of protein, you will find the omega 3 fatty acid in this fish that can rarely find in other species.
It could take a day to list all the foods that can help you get mass muscle. However, here are some addition good stuffs you need to know:
- Berries
- Flax seed
- Turkey
- Oranges
- Spinach

What exercises you should practice?

Basically, when you want to build muscle mass, jogging, swimming will not help. Instead, you will need to practice weight lifting to get more muscle. As you may know, muscle will develop where you exercise it. With that said, if you exercise the right side only (which is really odd), your right side will grow bigger than your left. So, what do you need to know here. In order to get a perfect shape with mass muscle, you will need to do exercises to train all the muscles in your body. Here are some good exercises you can do:
Seated military press with bar
Seated dumbbell shoulder presses
Dumbbell side lateral raises
Bent-over dumbbell raises
And a lot more but I think that’s enough for you to get started.


Now you know the secret of lose weight and get mass muscle. The last element is your determination and discipline to make the whole things work in the way you want.

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