Does Running Help You Lose Weight?

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There are a lot of people ask me simple question like: “does running help you lose weight?” My question is: “why not?”

If you have this question in your mind, you may not know how weight loss work. Basically, you lose weight when you burn more energy than the amount you take. Running, indeed, does help you burn energy so if the amount you burn is larger than the amount you take, you will lose weight. Using a calories calculator will help you have a clear image how many calories you burn when running.

does running help you lose weight

Does Running Help You Lose Weight

For example, a person with 100lbs in weight will burn 408 calories when he/she running 10mph in 30 minutes. So, if you take 1500 calories per day, running on hours will help you burn more than a half the amount you take (you will burn calories in other activities too).
You can calculate how many calories you burn with running using the calculator following the link below.

So, running will help you burn energy but you will lose weight or not, it depends on how many calories you burn through running. The more time you run, the more calories you burn and the higher chance you will lose weight fast.

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