Best Tips To Lose Weight Fast – Burn Fat Quickly And Effectively

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Losing weight fast is a hard job. If someone tell you that you can lose weight without putting a lot of sweat and effort, he/she is definitely lying. There are a lot of obstacles we didn’t know before we started and it’s very easy for anyone to give up if you don’t know what exact things you need to do. Don’t worry as I’m here to help you. In this post, I will share you some good tips that I’ve applied to lose weight and stay good looking.

tips to lose weight fast

Which Tips To Achieve This?

Good diet and good abs workout

I hate to repeat these things when I give someone advice to lose weight fast. I also know you’ve heard this a lot of time. That’s why I’m not going to say much here. No matter how many times you have heard, I still need to stress again the importance of good diet plan and regular exercises. The secrets to lose weight quickly is knowing what kind of food to eat and what exercises you should do to maximize the fat burning effect. For example, eating protein will help you burn fat better that eating rice and muscle building burn more calories than other types of exercises. As you can see, not all foods and exercises will bring the same result. Know more about diet and exercises is the key to speed up your losing weight effort.

You will need a tracking system

Going without knowing the destination will not bring you to anywhere. Which that said, monitoring your result, your effort will be very important to burn fat fast. There are a lot of people, despite they have the best diet plan and work out in the world but they still cannot shed the fat, simply because they don’t track their progress.

Why a tracking system is so important?

Everytime we do anything, we will want to see the result fast, is that right? I can’t remember how many time I’ve heard questions like “how to lose 20 pounds in a week”, “how to get six pack abs in a week?”. You love to see the result too, right? With a tracking system, you will know how many pounds you lose and how many inches you drop in a week. Seeing live result is a great motivation that will keep you following the training to the end.

A tracking system is not only about the result. You will also record what do you eat in a day and how much time you spend for training. For example, 2 months ago when I was trying to get six pack abs, my daily tracking was something like this:

7:00 Breakfast with milk, an egg and sandwich
9:00 Snack, smoothies
12:00 Lunch with two bowls of rice, vegetable soup, poultry…
16:00 Snack
19:00 Small dinner with 1 bowls of rice, vegetable, beef
21:00 snack

hanging legs raises: 30 reps
Ab crunches: 40 reps
Legs scissor: 50 reps

Lying legs thrust: 30 reps
Hanging legs raise: 50 reps
Jogging 3 km

This is a typical log and it’s exactly what I did to get my current six pack. I really recommend that you stop counting how much calories you take and how much calories you burn daily. That’s nonsense and cost you a lot of time. You only need to record something simple like that.


Losing weight is hard but not impossible and a daunting task if you have good diet plan, proper exercises and a regular tracking. Trust me, the tracking system is very important. The record will bring you live result so you will never lose the motivation. Each time look at it, you will know that the destination is not far.

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