Best Lower Ab Workout To Get Six Pack Fast

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Knowing the best lower ab workout could be vital for you to get the ripped, visible abs. If you get the wrong exercises, you will find it’s really frustrating to find out that there was no result gained no matter how hard you have been trying. If you are looking for the best exercises for lower abs, don’t worry, you will get what you are searching here.

best lower ab workout

Hanging Leg Raise

There are many exercises to train the lower abs but if I must select the best ones, I will pick only 3 as I’m going to show you. However, there is one thing you need to know that the abs is a part of your body. With that said, you cannot separate training the abs from training the total body. If you have a lot of fat to lose overall, you will not see any result on the abs if you focus on the abs exercises only. Believe me, I’m speaking from my own experience. In order to get the six pack abs, you will need to lose fat from all part of the body too, not just at the belly. Now we will move to the main part of the post, the best lower ab workout.

1. Hanging legs raises

This is one of the most effective exercises to get ripped abs fast. It’s not only effective in training your lower ab but also the total belly area. In order to perform this exercise, you will need bar to hang. Start the exercise by grabbing the hanging bar a little wider than your shoulder. Then slowly raise your legs up. Remember you don’t want to keep the legs straight here but your knees should be bent a little. Your back MUST NOT be straight too but CURVERED. The pose is very important as if you keep the back straight, you will not train your lower ab muscle but the psoas instead. When the knees nearly touch the chest, you will slowly return to starting pose and repeat the exercise.

2. Side turn

In this exercise, you will lie your back flat on the floor with your knee slightly bent. Stretch your hand to both sides with palms up. Now raise your right leg and move to the left. You need to make sure that the right hand doesn’t move. When the right hand start to take off, you move the right leg to its original position and now it’s left leg’s turn.

3. Bicycle crunch

This exercise is quite simple yet very effective to train the lower ab. You lie your back flat on the floor and raise your both legs. Keep the knees bent and almost reach the chest. What you will do now is to imitate that you are cycling by pushing the right leg down. While you pull the right leg up, it’s time to push the left one down. By doing so, you will feel the ab muscle really moving along.

Now you have the three best workouts for lower ab. As you can see, you don’t need any equipment and that’s great. If you have just started, don’t overdo or you will have a great pain on the abs. Keep doing small amount of workout at first and increase the work load as you proceed. With these exercises, you will get rock hard abs in no time.

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