Best Abs Exercises For Men And Women

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Ab exercises for men and women

Abs Exercises

In order to get six pack abs fast, you will need a good set of abs workouts. In this post, I will show you the most effective ab exercises for both men and women. At the end of the post, you will have a good collection of exercises to start building the six pack.

1. Hanging legs raise

In this exercise, you will need a horizontal bar to start. Make sure to bar is high enough so your legs don’t touch the floor when you are exercising. Now, you will grab the bar and start the exercise. Remember to take a slightly wider than shoulder width grip. After that, raise your legs with your knee slightly bent. You don’t want to make it straight here. As the knee moves forward to the chest, you will also move the pelvic forward. There are a lot of people make the crucial mistake by keep the back straight. If you do so, you will not train the abs but the psoas. Now keep that pose for few seconds and slowly return to the free hanging pose (hanging with body straight).
You should repeat this exercise slowly and remember to keep the right pose (curve back and bent knee). Make sure your body doesn’t swing while practicing.
Hanging Legs Raise Video:

2. Abdominal crunches

This is another good exercise to get rock hard abs that both men and women can use. Now you lie on your back with your knees bent with an angle from 30 to 45 degree. Put your hands at the back of your head. Now raise your shoulder and upper back off the ground till the new position create an angle around 30 degree to the original position. Hold the new pose for few seconds and slowly return to the initial pose.
Please notice that you don’t need to use your hand to pull your head in this exercise. You will use the muscle in the abdominal as well as the back muscle to do that job. You only need to keep your hands relaxed and move along with the head movements.
Abdominal Crunches exercise video:

3. Lying legs thrusts

In this exercise, you will lie on the floor. Now start raising your head and shoulder along with raising your legs. Notice that only your shoulder and upper back raise up, your lower back should lie flat on the floor. Put your hands along the body and below the pelvis to support the raise up of the legs. Now keep raising your legs when they form with the ground an angle at 90 degree. Keep that pose for few seconds and slowly return to starting position, then repeat.

Lying legs thrusts video:

4. Pull down ab crunches

In this exercise, you will need resilient ropes and a hanging bar to tie the ropes. Now you grab the ropes with your hand while you are kneeing. The starting position should be where your head at the same level with your hands. You start pulling down until the top of your head reach the wrists. You don’t need to go any further.

Pull down ab crunches video:

With these simple abs exercises, regardless you are a man or a woman; you can easily get the rock hard abs. They are quite easy to implement and don’t need expensive equipments. The only thing you need to remember is keep practicing these exercises on daily basis (only 15 minutes a day will do).

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