Benefits Of Celery

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Health Benefits of Celery

The many health benefits of Celery

Celery is a vegetable that has been consumed all over the world for centuries. From the crisp leaf stalk to the fleshy top-root, all parts of this amazing plant can be consumed. Celery, which comes from the same plant family as carrots, is considered as a “negative calorie food” because it requires more food energy to be digested than it provides. Thus perfect for those who are trying to lose weight. But don’t get turned off just yet. Even though celery has “negative” calories, it is certainly packed with nutrition. For this and a lot of other reasons, people who are trying to have a six pack diet will definitely love these health benefits of celery. Just like all the benefits of green vegetables, health benefits of celery play an increasingly pivotal role in having a better benefits of celery

Aside from weight loss, other health benefits of celery include:

Boosts Immune System – Celery has potent amounts of Vitamin C, which plays a big role in promoting a healthy immune system.

Controls Blood Pressure Levels – Celery contains naturally-forming compounds, pthalides, which is scientifically proven to relax the muscles around the arteries and allow vessels to dilate. Thus, consuming celery regularly will help lower down and maintain a healthy blood pressure level. The health benefits of celery are many and thus should be included in your everyday diet.

Lowers Cholesterol – The pthalides in celery increases the secretion of bile acid, which in turn helps lower cholesterol levels in the blood. Adding celery to your six pack diet not only lowers down the fat content in your body, but also helps you gain that ‘washboard’ abs you’ve been working on.

Anti-Cancer – Coumarins, a substances found in celery, has been proved effective in preventing the growth of cancer cells. As always, benefits of green vegetables are at their best, if eaten raw or lightly cooked.

Diuretic – The diuretic effect that comes from celery relates to its right balance of sodium and potassium. Consuming celery regularly helps flush out excess fluid and, sometimes, excess toxins out of the body.

Pain and Inflammation Relief – As early as in 30 A.D., the health benefits of celery have already been linked and studied. By that time, celery has already been used by the Greeks to relieve pain and inflammation. Today, a variety of scientific studies have proven that celery contains anti-inflammatory properties, which may also help in alleviating symptoms of ailments attributed to inflammation such as arthritis.

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